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We’re a creative agency and digital branding haunt bringing your wispy ideas to life.

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What We Do

At Calico Ghost Creative, your idea for your brand is all we see. We trap it and study it in order to manifest it. How do we do it? Through questions and conversations; through discovery and awareness. Occasionally through intuition.

We absorb your thoughts and transform your ideas into creative designs and digital identities that push the boundaries of today’s imaginations and technologies.



Brand Identities

Whether it’s a simple logo redesign or a complete new brand identity package, we capture your unique essence and make you hauntingly good.


Web & Ecommerce

From WordPress and ecommerce to SEO and mobile responsiveness, we make beautiful online sites that are up to today’s digital standards.


Print & Packaging

Print has not joined the afterlife yet! We create ads, brochures, packaging and labels, press kits and collateral with rich visuals to your custom specs.


Social Media Management

From short-term help to full campaign management, we craft a strong social presence for you with unique content, to get your brand talked about in today’s online conversations.


Email Marketing

We manifest your strategy and handle your platform set up, list segmentation, custom responsive email designs, A/B testing and copywriting so your emails get visible results.


Personal Digital Branding

Our personal digital packages include a logo, website and a social media overhaul, designed for professionals who want to stand out from their peers and make their presence known.


View just a sampling of our work.

Our Team

Meet some of the supernatural ghosties behind the scenes.


  • Kim Senn

    Creative Director + Founder

    Kim has helped some of the largest companies develop and deploy their brands in the digital space. While an executive at Disney, she pioneered the launch of branded mobile applications, games and entertainment content on first-generation mobile devices. As the SVP of Product for a leading mobile creative agency, Kim led the creation of digital strategies and mobile content portfolios for some of today's biggest entertainment brands. Kim has an eye for brand aesthetics and a passion for technology, and infuses the two into creative digital solutions for clients.

  • Joanna di Paolo

    Editorial Producer

    Joanna has been working to produce, brand and market new media products for major entertainment companies and brands for years. While she wields a hybrid experience in creative and production roles, her supernatural talents lie in her writing and branding abilities. Whether for individuals or global brands, for consumer packaging, video and game scripts, or corporate presentations, her storytelling brings brands and products to life, with strong, clear messaging and voice that are hauntingly rememberable.

  • Aron Black

    Web Producer

    Aron's expertise in all things Internet was built from the ground up, acting at various times as lead integrator, senior project manager and web producer. His specialties include web design, applications and development, ecommerce, UI/UX, WordPress and mobile. Aron has worked on large sites for top brands and ad agencies, so he understands the importance of delivering stylized pages that adhere to brand guidelines. Aron creates responsive sites that are both eye-catching and accessible across a wide variety of devices.

  • Natalia Perez-Wahlbeg


    Natalia is a creative spirit who mixes ideas, typography, images and client needs to bring brands to life. With a BFA from Concordia University in Quebec and a Masters in Multimedia, Natalia has been designing print and digital content since the early days of mobile, so she knows what’s needed for modern responsive displays and retina-ready devices. Highly creative, forward thinking and with an uncanny intuition, Natalia delivers rich visuals and beautiful designs that get results every time.


Meet a few of our clients and hear why they like working with us.


"Calico Ghost hit the ground running with my product and brand from day one! I have spent years and countless sums of money on people and agencies that promise the moon. I finally found a home with Calico Ghost! They deliver over and over again! I appreciate their attention to detail and their passion and enthusiasm for my product and brand like it is their own. I couldn't imagine being in better hands! Client for life, Lido Bay Wine."

Dave Armstrong, Owner, Lido Bay Wine

"I’m in a very competitive industry. It’s important for me to be able to differentiate myself from every other fitness professional out there. Calico Ghost created a logo, branded print collateral and a social media presence for me that upped my game to a whole new level. It’s helped me add clients and gain national exposure."

Trent David, Fitness Instructor/TRX, Trent David Fitness


We’d love to discuss your needs for your specific brand. Get in touch today and we can help bring your wispy ideas to life.  


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